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School Musical – a huge success


School Musical – a huge success

What a week it has been for TY students as many hours of hard work culminated in this year’s musical presentation. The show, entitled “Any Dream Will Do” was a Musical Mashup of a number of well known musicals and it did fulfil many dreams on Tue and Wed last.

For the first time in St. Mary’s long history of TY productions a number of students took charge of directing as well as choreography. With help from numerous teachers, students also worked on costumes, props and art. All this was done while learning lines and songs and rehearsing! The whole process was an amazing educational experience. It cemented friendships, created new ones, unearthed hitherto unknown talent and the impact will never be forgotten by the TY class of 2016/17.

The girls are very thankful to all the staff and management of St. Mary’s for giving them so much support. Special gratitude is due to Mr. Callinan (music and enforcer), Ms. Shelley (costumes), Ms. Whelan ( TY coordinator) and the local community for support of the performances and sponsorship.