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Another action packed week for TY’s in St. Mary’s, by Leah Heffernan.


Another action packed week for TY’s in St. Mary’s, by Leah Heffernan.

Last Friday saw huge achievement for St. Mary’s TY’s in the School’s Enterprise Competition. It was a wonderful way to start the weekend knowing the fantastic companies and business plans that had been put in place by our year group. “The Safety Squad” and “Bee-autiful” were chosen to represent St Mary’s at the County Enterprise Competition next. Well done girls!
More activity followed this week and as always Monday kicked us off to a great start. On Monday, my class and I got to take part in a Taekwondo lesson. We began apprehensively, not many of us had done it before! Thankfully we survived the class, learning some new skills along the way! Our instructor showed us many different moves and exercises. He said that the moves were good to use as a form of self-defence. There were many steps involved in the moves but after he showed us a couple of times how to do it, we eventually got the hang of it!
From Taekwondo to Water Safety, Wednesday brought us to our Water Safety exam in Nenagh Leisure Centre. They tested us on all the water safety skills we had learned over the past few weeks. Everyone passed the exam and succeeded in earning their Water Safety certificates! Another fantastic achievement by all involved. Every year sees accidents with water, Water Safety is an invaluable tool for us all to learn and practise.
University of Limerick hosted a Tyndall Talk on Friday. We took a break from classes on Friday from 11 and hopped excitedly on buses to head to UL. Tyndall Talk was on the scientist, John Boyle. Throughout the talk we were shown different experiments and we learned about scientists like Galileo and his theories. We got back on buses on Friday afternoon to return to St. Mary’s, content after an action packed week.

In other news, great success for the minor Cross Country team who won the East Munster Schools Championships in Waterford on Friday. Ailbhe O’Neill, Niamh Cunneen, Ellen Cunneen and Aoibheann Slattery fought hard in wet and cold conditions, on a very difficult course to win the championships. Terrific performance by all. The girls will now represent us at the Munster Championships in 2 weeks. Congratulations also to Emma Gavin and Leah McLoughney who represented St Mary’s in the Junior event.

Pic: Members of Mini Companies, ‘The Safety Squad’ and ‘Bee-autiful’, along with their Business Teachers and the judges. Both companies will represent St Mary’s at the County Enterprise Competition