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Transition Year news – by Roisin Radler Shinnors


Transition Year news – by Roisin Radler Shinnors

The Transition Years in St. Mary’s Secondary School have had a confidence-boosting week. On the 28th of March, Terry Gleeson came in as a volunteer, taking time out of her busy schedule, to do toastmasters with TYs. Toastmasters is designed to improve your public speaking skills and your ability to connect with the audience. I think that I’m speaking on behalf of all the TYs, by saying that it was a fantastic experience and it definitely helped us to develop our communicational skills.

We did a variety of activities during this time such as, talking in front of our class without having anything prepared. I believe this was a great exercise, as it forced you to do something that you’ve never done before in front of an entire group. We were told to have a speech prepared from the week before when we had toastmasters. It could be about whatever you wanted; a person you admire, yourself, a speech about politics, a short story, absolutely anything. We then each read out our speeches to the class, and we learned that it isn’t as easy as you might think! When we were finished, Terry gave us some feedback on how we did in different areas like our pace, projection, eye contact and engagement with the audience. The last thing we did was investigate different topics that the topics master came up with, there was no preparation for this either. Throughout the five weeks we had a great time, we learned so much and we really connected as a class. I would definitely recommend this to other years and schools.