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School Calendar


School Calendar


We wish all Parents, Staff, Students and the wider Community a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Dates for your Diary 2017/2018

23rd Oct 2017                             6th Year Parent-Teacher Meeting.

30th Oct – 3rd Nov 2017        Midterm Break. School Closed.

7th Nov 2017                               3rd Year Parent – Teacher Meeting.

8th Dec 2017                              School Closed for Students.

25th Dec – 5th Jan 2018         Christmas Break. School Closed

15th January 2018                     Enrolment evening.

24th Jan 2018                           5th Year Parent – Teacher Meeting

1st Feb 2018                               1st Year Parent – Teacher Meeting.

12th Feb – 16th Feb 2018       Midterm Break. School Closed.

28th Feb 2018                          2nd Year Parent –Teacher Meeting.

19th March 2018                      Bank Holiday. School Closed.

22nd March 2018                    TY Parent – Teacher Meeting

26th Mar – 6th Apr 2018       Easter Break. School Closed.

4th May 2018                            School Closed for Students.

7th May 2018                            Bank Holiday. School Closed.

1st June 2018                             Summer Holidays