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Transition Year News

Transition Year News

23/10/17 – Leadership course

Over the past few weeks the students in 4B have had the opportunity to participate in and complete a leadership course organised by the school. This involved taking part in activities and learning leadership skills and traits which would help us in the future in the areas of organisation and communication.

In conjunction with this, on Wednesday last, the Gaelscoil pupils from fourth class came to St. Mary’s to allow 4B to complete the course. The TY girls were divided into pairs and given 15 minute time slots to teach and supervise the children while they learned and played a game. The games, including basketball, soccer, and rounders, were  chosen by the TYs. It was an amazing opportunity and such an exciting day. All the TY students who completed the course will receive a certificate in leadership.

The course has helped us to understand how to be a successful leader. It gave us the opportunity to bond, not only with our class but also with the children who enabled us to put what we learned into practice.

11/9/17 – TY Law Days

The Transition Year students from St. Mary’s Secondary School Nenagh took part in a two-day event, entitled, ‘Law Education for Schools’. Barrister James Fahy gave a presentation to us about the Irish Legal System and he informed us about the court cases he has to undertake as a barrister. He explained to us how the courts work, from The District Court right up to the Supreme Court and we learned the differences between Civil and Criminal Law.

On the second day, having studied Criminal Law we held a mock murder trial in school. All of the students participated and it gave everyone a clear idea as to what happens in court.

For me, it was a great experience as my knowledge on law was very poor, previous to the talk. I liked the way James Fahy could explain complicated things through simple stories and his humour made him easy to listen to and understand. I would recommend all T.Y. students to take part in something like this, as it will benefit you for life!