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Transition Year News

Transition Year News


TY Activities

Transition Year Students have been very busy since Christmas and have been involved in many activities such as Yoga, Fencing, SPACE, Step Aerobics, Charity Fundraising and a wide range of sporting activities. Well done to all on their participation.

First Aid Skills

Do you know how contact the emergency services, apply a bandage properly, take a pulse, move a person into the recovery position, deal with strains, sprains, fractures and dislocations? The Transition Year students learned many of these skills in the last few weeks, writes Ciara McCabe. We had the privilege of being taught Basic First Aid Skills by members of The Order of Malta Ambulance Corps. Local members John, Shane and David conducted the courses and we acquired many valuable skills which may someday help save someone’s life.

We really benefited from the experience and I now feel confident about being able to help someone who needs medical attention. It also opened my eyes to the work of paramedics. Who knows in future I may become a paramedic as I found every minute of the course interesting and useful. On behalf of TY students I would like to express deep gratitude to the Order of Malta for this opportunity.

First Dail.

St. Mary’s Student , Anna Powell represents Young People of Ireland at Centenary of First Dail

Anna Powell , a TY student , was one of two members who were chosen by Comhairle na n Og to represent the young people of Ireland at the centenary meeting of the Dail, which was held in the Mansion House on Monday 21st. January.  Comhairle na nOg is an initiative set up by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs to allow young people to have a voice in local affairs and to be able to link with the National Executive to voice their opinions on national issues. Anna is the Tipperary representative on the National Executive .




On Thu.6th Transition Year students took a trip to our nation’s capital to see the Gaiety Theatre’s Panto; The Snow Queen.

It was an early start for all: 6-45 to be exact, to avoid being stuck in traffic but this gave us an hour before the show to busy ourselves in the many shops in Grafton Street and the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre.

Christmas cheer was in the air and excitement bubbled in each of us as we neared show time.

The Snow Queen was very enjoyable and created an excellent atmosphere for the  audience of school students, staff and families. There was excellent interaction with the crowd and the characters received great acclaim from young and older.




On Tuesday our TY students took part in a Disability Awareness in Sport Training Workshop, writes Shauna Grace. During the two hour session, led by James Murrihy , we learned about different types and levels of disability. We discussed how people with disabilities who want to play sport feel and how the problems they face may be solved.

After spending some time thinking about the issues we put our work into action. James presented us with common scenarios.  In each case we had to consider the person with the disability, the sports’ organisation and any conflict between the two. We were asked to suggest a solution to the conflict.

Everyone enjoyed the workshop and it opened our minds to how everyone can be included in sports.


Well done to our TY students who have had a busy term and are now coming to the end of their first Module. The group have been involved in a range of sporting and Cultural activities over the past two months. Well done to all.


The Transition Year of St Mary’s Nenagh Secondary School are delighted to be doing a production of “Grease “the musical as their annual TY musical. After weeks of hard work with costumes, set design and hours of rehearsals,we are pleased to announce that all our hard work has paid off as this year we had a record amount of people in our audience and got standing ovations at the end of our shows.


Doing the musical is always a highlight for transition year students and it is no different this year as this experience has been extremely challenging but amazingly fun and worthwhile. I would like to give a big thanks to Mr Calinan, our music teacher and Mrs Shelly,our head of costumes and everyone who helped us to make this musical real and memorable.


Sophia Leamy


We welcome back the class of 2018/19 and hope they have a wonderful year. There are many activities planned for the month of September including a Ceili which all the group participated in, work experience at the ploughing over three days, a law workshop and auditions for the school musical which will be held in October.


Well done to all our TY students who are preparing for their graduation, we wish them every good luck in their future studies.


A Transition Year Mini-Company set up and run by Elle Mulqueen  and Aoife Carroll has made a lot of people happy in the last few months. “ Glorious Gifts” produced  and sold Christmas Eve boxes for children. Containing such items as a carrot ( for Santa’s reindeer),two cookies ( for the big man himself), hot chocolate, a colouring book and crayons the boxes were a huge success. The girls worked hard and their product was a sell-out. Many children and parents went to bed happy on Christmas Eve having spent the evening enjoying the contents.

Elle and Aoife wanted to spread the joy so they decided to donate their profits to a local group. Last week a group representing Nenagh Special Summer Camp were in St. Mary’s to accept a cheque for 800 euro.


We wish all Parents, Staff, Students and the wider Community a happy and peaceful Christmas.

School Musical

On the 29th of November the 2017 St Marys Secondary School transition year class put on their musical production in the school.

Preparation for the musical began a little over 3 weeks ago, with a two day retreat in the middle of it. With the time constraint came a bit of pressure, but the things we accomplished in just 13 school days was quite amazing. Our year really came together to put on the best show possible.

Each student had a job of their own, each as important as the next. The delegating of these jobs really helped in the completion of as much work as possible as quickly as possible. Every dance was choreographed by the very talented girls in our year. A lot of work was put into getting everyone their chance to shine on stage, and for each girl an opportunity to show off their different talents.

Our music teacher, Mr Callinan was the musical director, along with three TY students who also directed. He has been musical director for many TY musicals in the last few years and lent his experience to perfect the scenes. With some of the amazing leads it really excelled the musical to new heights.

Even though it has been quite stressful to put on this performance, it was very enjoyable at the same time. There is an amazing sense of accomplishment that comes with being part of a show like this, and I’m sure it will be one of the highlights of the year.

The Full Cast



We wish our TY students the best of luck on their staging of the annual school musical. The show will be performed this week for the students of St Mary’s and the staff. There will also be a show for parents and friends this Thursday and a show will be held for the primary school students in January.

23/10/17 – Leadership course

Over the past few weeks the students in 4B have had the opportunity to participate in and complete a leadership course organised by the school. This involved taking part in activities and learning leadership skills and traits which would help us in the future in the areas of organisation and communication.

In conjunction with this, on Wednesday last, the Gaelscoil pupils from fourth class came to St. Mary’s to allow 4B to complete the course. The TY girls were divided into pairs and given 15 minute time slots to teach and supervise the children while they learned and played a game. The games, including basketball, soccer, and rounders, were  chosen by the TYs. It was an amazing opportunity and such an exciting day. All the TY students who completed the course will receive a certificate in leadership.

The course has helped us to understand how to be a successful leader. It gave us the opportunity to bond, not only with our class but also with the children who enabled us to put what we learned into practice.

11/9/17 – TY Law Days

The Transition Year students from St. Mary’s Secondary School Nenagh took part in a two-day event, entitled, ‘Law Education for Schools’. Barrister James Fahy gave a presentation to us about the Irish Legal System and he informed us about the court cases he has to undertake as a barrister. He explained to us how the courts work, from The District Court right up to the Supreme Court and we learned the differences between Civil and Criminal Law.

On the second day, having studied Criminal Law we held a mock murder trial in school. All of the students participated and it gave everyone a clear idea as to what happens in court.

For me, it was a great experience as my knowledge on law was very poor, previous to the talk. I liked the way James Fahy could explain complicated things through simple stories and his humour made him easy to listen to and understand. I would recommend all T.Y. students to take part in something like this, as it will benefit you for life!