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School Musical – a huge success


School Musical – a huge success


All about the music

On the 29th of November the 2017 St Marys Secondary School transition year class put on their musical production in musical in the school.

Preparation for the musical began a little over 3 weeks ago, with a two day retreat in the middle of it. With the time constraint came a bit of pressure, but the things we accomplished in just 13 school days was quite amazing. Our year really came together to put on the best show possible.

Each student had a job of their own, each as important as the next. The delegating of these jobs really helped in the completion of as much work as possible as quickly as possible. Every dance was choreographed by the very talented girls in our year. A lot of work was put into getting everyone their chance to shine on stage, and for each girl an opportunity to show off their different talents.

Our music teacher, Mr Callinan was the musical director, along with three TY students who also directed. He has been musical director for many TY musicals in the last few years and lent his experience to perfect the scenes. With some of the amazing leads it really excelled the musical to new heights.

Even though it has been quite stressful to put on this performance, it was very enjoyable at the same time. There is an amazing sense of accomplishment that comes with being part of a show like this, and I’m sure it will be one of the highlights of the year.


What a week it has been for TY students as many hours of hard work culminated in this year’s musical presentation. The show, entitled “Any Dream Will Do” was a Musical Mashup of a number of well known musicals and it did fulfil many dreams on Tue and Wed last.

For the first time in St. Mary’s long history of TY productions a number of students took charge of directing as well as choreography. With help from numerous teachers, students also worked on costumes, props and art. All this was done while learning lines and songs and rehearsing! The whole process was an amazing educational experience. It cemented friendships, created new ones, unearthed hitherto unknown talent and the impact will never be forgotten by the TY class of 2016/17.

The girls are very thankful to all the staff and management of St. Mary’s for giving them so much support. Special gratitude is due to Mr. Callinan (music and enforcer), Ms. Shelley (costumes), Ms. Whelan ( TY coordinator) and the local community for support of the performances and sponsorship.