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School Structure

St. Mary’s Secondary School is a Catholic all girls’ school under the Trusteeship of C.E.I.S.T. (Catholic Education an Irish School’s Trust). The school caters for 600 girls. It is an inclusive community with students, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents, Board of Management and trustees interacting collaboratively. Our school aims to provide each girl with a holistic education built on respect. We have a strong commitment to the excellence required for each student to reach her full potential as a uniquely gifted and precious human being.

Faith Development

The challenging task of handing on the faith is one that is shared by family, parish, and school. In St. Mary’s. Religious Education is supported by a Chaplain. Retreats, liturgies, fund raising for charities and guest speakers are an integral part of the programme. Our students are encouraged to be reflective and active young Christians, with a commitment to core gospel values. The school aims to promote respect for different faiths, fostering inclusion and understanding. Students of other faiths who are not attending religious education classes during timetabled RE classes will be required to remain in the RE classroom under the supervision of the RE teacher.

School Structures

St. Mary’s Secondary school is located in the centre of the town of Nenagh.

The school is equipped with a number of specialist rooms and is capable of accommodating up to 600 students for: Art, Home Economics, Science, Technology,Technical Graphics, Music, Video and Recording, Guidance and Counselling and Resource.

St. Mary’s Secondary School has modern information technology facilities and Internet access is widely available.

There is also and extensive administrative block, a modern Library, a spacious Concert Hall and a modern P.E. hall.

Management Structure

St. Mary’s Secondary School managed on behalf of the Trustees the Board of Management, who is legally responsible for the operation of the school, representing the trustees, staff and parents. The Principal administers the school on behalf of the Board of Management. The Board consists of:

  • 4 Nominees of the Trustees / C.E.I.S.T.
  • 2 Nominees of the Teaching Staff
  • 2 Nominees of the Parents’ Body

The Secretary to the Board of Management is the Principal

School Organisation

St. Mary’s Secondary School has a strong ethos of care for all students. The personal and social development and well being of each student is central to our philosophy of education.

The following structures are in place:
a) Tutor for each class
b) Year Head for each year group
c) Buddy system
d) Senior Prefects.

The Principal, Deputy Principal, Guidance Counsellor and Chaplain work in close co-operation with the Class Tutors and the Year Heads.


St. Mary’s Secondary School has a long tradition in Curriculum innovation. We offer a wide variety of programmes, which aim to develop the unique talents and abilities of each individual student.

Current Programmes available in our school are:

  • Junior Certificate
  • Transition Year
  • Leaving Certificate Established
  • Leaving Certificate Applied
  • Leaving Certificate Vocational

A Resource class, which incorporates FETAC modules and Junior Certificate subjects at foundation level.

Parents’ Council

At the beginning of each school year, the Parents’ Body elects two representatives from the different areas in the catchment region.

Students’ Representative Council (SRC)

Each class has an elected representative on the Students’ Representative Council (first introduced in 1976). It is presided over by the Student President, elected by the student body. There are two teachers on the Council, one nominated by the staff and the second is nominated by the Principal.

Extra Curricular Activities

All students are encouraged to take part in extra – curricular activities. There is a full range of artistic, cultural, religious and sporting activities available in St. Mary’s.

Opening hours

Our teaching day begins at 9.00 AM and finishes at 3.35 PM. At beginning and end of each school day students are supervised. Students are supervised from 8.45 at the beginning of the day and until 3.50 at the end of the day.

School calendar Voluntary Contribution

Each year, parents receive a school calendar detailing school holidays, parent-teacher meetings and other important events. In order to provide a quality and varied education the Board deem it necessary to request a voluntary contribution from all parent(s) / guardian(s). The Board of Management reserves the right to review the voluntary contribution on a year to year basis.

Current legislation

St. Mary’s Secondary School, Nenagh fully subscribes to and operates within current legislation and endeavours to ensure that best practice prevails in all aspects of the work of the school.

The basic principles of current education legislation are reflected in the School’s Mission Statement i.e. partnership, accountability, transparency, inclusion, diversity, parental choice, equality of participation and access.

In its structures and policies, St. Mary’s Secondary School will ensure that these principles are respected and implemented.