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St Benedicts

Special Class Introduction

St. Mary’s Secondary School, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary has a dedicated Special Class for students who have a diagnosed assessment of MGLD (Mild General Learning Disability).
Students partake in a wide range of subjects including but not limited to English, Maths, Computers, Home Economics, CSPE, Music, Geography, Social Development, Art, Craft, P.E. and History.

Students at junior level prepare for a number of Junior Certificate exam subjects. At senior level students from the Special Class go on to study the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme (LCA) which is also offered here in the school. Many of our students who have successfully completed LCA have gone on to engage in further education programmes.

Content and Teaching

Many teachers who teach this class have specialist training in Special Education Needs (SEN). Timetabling, Individual Education Plans and students’ progress is monitored closely by a small team of SEN teachers. Teaching strategies specific to intellectual learning disabilities are applied to enhance students’ understanding, development and participation in all aspects of the curriculum. These strategies include, but are not limited, to some of the following:

Individual Education Plans are devised each year for students and are specific to their learning needs, these are developed in consultation with parents/guardians.

Class Profile

To be eligible to join the Special Class all students will have to have a psychological assessment.