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Extra Curricular


Green Schools

St. Mary's Secondary School have been working very hard to improve its litter and waste management in the school over the past few years. In May 2012, after a huge effort put in by all, the school received its first Green Flag.

The school would like to thank all the students and staff who were involved in achieving this goal. St. Mary's Secondary School is committed to improving the environment and to instilling the importance of this in its students.

Go M.A.D       Go Make A Difference !


  • Respect life as gift: the environment, people, all species, property
  • Reduce energy consumption and waste.
  • Repair clothing, footwear; maintain buildings, cars, property in general
  • Reuse bags, boxes, clothing, decorations, etc.
  • Recycle everything possible that can no longer be used in its present condition
  • Always think "Do I really need this?" before you buy
  • Avoid buying over-wrapped goods, e.g. loose fruit aqd vegetables
  • Choose products that are labeled more energy efficient and ones least harmful to the
    environment, e.g. electrical goods, furniture, cosmetics, toys
  • Avoid using chemicals and choose ecological alternatives in personal hygiene, household cleaning, etc.
  • Try to avoid plastics, the majority of which are non-biodegradable
  • Look for recycled/recyclable products: paper - office and household - bottles, .cans, etc.
  • Use both sides of page and paper scraps for notes and messages
  • Save envelopes and use again with re-use labels
  • Use a fuel efficient car: diesel or unleaded petrol and avoid air-conditioning
  • Walk, cycle or use public transport whenever possible; car-pool
  • Conserve water, light, heat and other resources in home and work place
  • Try growing some of your own food organically; avoid using peat compost
  • Compost your own organic waste or join a neighbourhood composting scheme
  • Dispose of litter carefully
  • Join an environmental or justice action group
  • Become active in bird watching, astronomy, rambling, etc.
  • Learn how to be an ethical consumer; be informed through reading, videos, discussions
    and practice